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Fashion House | Behind The Seams

Tune in with Behind The Seams renowned fashion hand. Whether you’re designing a basic pair of shorts or a tailored jacket, Behind The Seams ensures you’re fashion ready. Offering detailed specications and technical drawings beyond all limits these tools are certain to have you a cut above the rest. So why not add a striking statement to your business with what Behind The Seams has to offer!!!


Behind The Seams brings credibility and a competitiveness to your business. Look beyond the colours, the trims and you will and substance and professionalism.

Behind The Seams will not only free up your time to deal with other important issues within your business it will enable you to effectively communicate with manufacturers and cut production time to ensure you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Are you currently producing your garments locally and are you only using card board patterns to do so??? Why not support your traditional cardboard patterns with a detailed, illustration referenced , graded specification sheet. Maybe you are one to manufacture offshore??? If so then don’t send multiple patterns there to get your job done, maximise your returns. Work with Behind the Seams, a Sydney based team that will extract all appropriate measurements from your piece to construct a graded specification sheet to suit your needs. Not only does a graded specification sheet communicate well with its machinists, it’s a great tool that will help control the quality of your fashion savvy products. Graded specs withhold all the information of a cardboard pattern yet are easier/affordable to transport to others as it is a digital copy.

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